1510 Martin Street
State College, PA 16803
(814) 238-6DOG (6364)

Sporty Dog DaycareBenefits of Sporty Dog DayCare

paw bulletPositive release of your dog's energy

paw bulletMental and physical stimulation all day long

paw bulletGain social skills playing in a supervised environment

paw bulletYear round exercise in a large indoor facility

What is Doggy Daycare?
Doggy daycare works just like daycare for human kids. Drop your canine kid off in the morning on the way to work, and while you're working hard to bring home the dog treats, they'll romp in our "all play" open environment playland or hang-out with their favorite canine buddies. By the time you arrive after a long day at work, you'll find your dog happy, tired, and ready to spend the evening at home relaxing.

Why Doggy DayCare?
Dogs on couch
You know why. Dogs are social animals that naturally live in packs. Our environment offers opportunities that help develop social skills with other dogs and also helps them learn appropriate behavior around people. These experiences can also help dogs overcome separation anxiety and other issues. Meeting with other dogs alleviates boredom and the destructive habits that accompany it and provides healthy exercise.

Doggy Daycare vs. the Dog Park
The difference between doggy daycares and dog parks is a controlled environment. Here at Sporty Dog DayCare, the staff assumes the position of "alpha." The dogs in daycare quickly learn to recognize staff members as the leaders of the pack. We, as staff, are able to formulate the best playgroups, match dogs of similar sizes, similar play styles, etc. Staff also step in to help puppies appropriately interact with his/her adult peers. In addition, we help dogs understand when another dog is not in the mood to play, redirecting their attention and/or matching them with other equally playful dogs. Staff has the luxury of selecting only those dogs suited for doggy daycare. Lastly, we keep all food out of the communal areas to curtail food aggression among the dogs.